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    Two unique moments of congregation, refreshment, and delight

    Dubbed “The Farm,” this office campus incorporates extensive promenades and pathways between buildings and through groves of trees, lush landscapes, and recreational areas designed by RHAA. With their unique designs and bright expressive colors, the Coffee and Juice Kiosks stand out along the circuit and offer key amenities and gathering spaces for employees and visitors alike.
    Both kiosks are organized to provide window service to place and pick up orders, beneath a canopy structure. Thus they operate with a minimal footprint for providing their offerings, while enlivening the surrounding areas of the campus.

    The features a strong expression of its steel structure, highlighted with a golden yellow color. This rationalist structural grid sets the framework for the enclosure to fill in: a band of service windows and striated materials of textured cement panels and translucent reeded glass. The steel structure extends out beyond the building to cover an outdoor area with a translucent stretched membrane and provides shelter from the sun and rain.

    Offering a different take on the same premise, the catches attention with its fresh, bright colors and sleek enshrouding facade. Perforated metal panels add a tactile dimension to the smooth sweep of its rounded corners. The service windows sit within a recessed ribbon of glazing, wrapping the corner of a carved out volume. Extending above the ordering cue and seating area, the Juice Kiosk’s canopy is framed with sizable timbers and covered with translucent glass. Its form evokes that of a leaf, providing a symbol of the garden fresh juices offered within.
    Sustainability is a core consideration in both the siting and construction of the Kiosks, including utilizing efficiency of space and material use, natural daylighting and shading to protect from solar heat gain, sustainable building products selection, and energy and water efficient fixtures and equipment.
    Both kiosks create distinct moments of enjoyment among the wider expanse of this walkable, lushly planted campus.