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    A creative space designed as a tool for unlimited versatility.

    When an industrial building near their Berkeley office became available, the creative agency John McNeil Studio asked Envelope to turn it into the ultimate space: a place for video shoots, lectures, strategy sessions, art openings, and much more. Our response is a gallery-style box within which key building systems—facade, partition, storage, and lighting—act as a series of architectural-scaled switches and spatial valves for .
    Interior Storage Wall
    Operable Facade Open
    Operable Partition Deployment
    Operable Partition Beyond
    Operable Facade Deployment
    Operable Facade Closed
    Interior Storage Wall
    Operable Facade Open
    Operable Facade Open
    An operable front facade and a large pivoting wall beyond allow for a range of configurations, from an open spatial tube connected to the street to a series of discrete cellular rooms. A reception area furnished and finished entirely in black defers to the purity of the white-walled volume with its original wood-truss ceiling.

    A seamless storage wall runs the full length of the space, concealing programmatic activators—tables, seating, modular dividers, and photography equipment—until they’re called for. Chairs come out for a performance; the next day the photography lights move in. A team moves in for a week long workshop, then the entire office sits down for dinner. This day-to-day makes the annex an invaluable platform for the work and the culture of the studio.