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    Challenged with taking a five story spec home and infusing a feel of elegance and the charm of a classic San Francisco Victorian, envelope worked closely with the talented interior design team at the Office of Charles de Lisle to create a family home and sanctuary with the dual purpose of hosting events at a variety of scales.
    Dual axis ground the scale of the residence. Through opening the main floor, and enclosing and softening the verticality, envelope focused on creating a sense of continuity as one moves through the five stories.
    Open views are pulled through the ground floor as materiality and form flow between the functional spaces. A pink hued sugar larch wall paneling wraps the stair core, becoming the cabinetry of the kitchen. Green lattice doors, hiding a family office, storage space, and open bar, extend to become a trellis picked out with mini pink French roses, wrapping the exterior and blurring the line between the private garden and interior of the house.