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    Rising in Midtown Tucson, a model for the city’s future.

    CHROMA, a new development in the heart of Midtown Tucson, brings a dynamic infusion of commercial, office, residential, and community uses to a changing neighborhood. Set on a previously vacant site, CHROMA will establish an iconic gateway to the Miramonte neighborhood, presenting a vibrant and lively destination for neighbors, visitors, and passersby.

    Architecture and landscape act to define the uniqueness of CHROMA through a contemporary language emphasizing quality, openness, and delight. The group of varied buildings marks a departure from the site’s single-story context: a six-story landmark building with a top-floor restaurant invites a new relationship to the surrounding city, mountains, and desert landscape.

    A catalyst for the future city, CHROMA’s design establishes a model of sustainability. The visually and physically permeable site encourages access by walking, cycling or other low-carbon modes of mobility. Lush plantings, supported through on-site water harvesting, break up parking areas, tempering their heating effects. And the public promenades, plazas and pathways invite the community in and through to CHROMA’s centerpiece: a lush, shaded public plaza hosting outdoor film and music events.