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    A curatorial prompt to spur collaborative exploration.

    We conceived our Berkeley studio as a space where exploration would open new directions in our work. 2214 is a overlay to our practice, an exploring the possibilities that arise when practitioners from divergent areas of interest come together to consider a set of common questions.
    2214: Vol. 1 Edition 1: Sigrid Calon, Rael San Fratello, and Andy Vogt.
    2214: Vol. 1 Edition 2: Chris Duncan, Geneviève L’Heureux, Justin Hunter, Mikolaj Szatko, + Andy Vogt.
    2214: Vol. 1 Edition 3: Benjamin Critton, Peter Harkawik, Emma Spertus, + Sigrid Calon.
    “Pattern, Predictability, and Repetition,” the first volume of 2214, unfolded in our office in three editions. Over the course of a year, we brought together trios of artists and designers to explore and explode these notions which are so fundamental to design practice.
    2214 strives to cultivate an emergent network of friends and collaborators who push one another into uncharted territories. Rather than discrete occupations for our flex/gallery space, the works featured in volume one spilled over into conference rooms and and accumulated with each edition. Artists in residence prompted formal discussions and casual conversations that ultimately inform our own work.