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    Our practice is a blend of architecture and activation. We often inhabit multiple, intersecting roles. We are two sides of the same coin and are nimble, operating in different ways at different time.

    Spaces as Platforms for Interaction

    We design for activity. How a space is used is the important thing: uses make spaces. Our designs don't exist until things are happening inside of them, people make places. We create environments that allow for a range of interactions and uses. Interactions are multifaceted and can be social, phenomenological, or physical. We intentionally create a flexible setup, spatially and programmatically, leaving room for a multiplicity of outcomes.

    Convergence of Many Networks

    There are many ingredients in the soup; it takes a village to make something real. Our best work arises in response to and in concert with the amazing work of our collaborators and peers - craftspeople, strategists, thinkers, artists. A successful project can't manifest without broad and diverse community involvement. We work to weave this expertise and experience into a common thread that unifies and runs through the project.