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  • Open Space: A Durational Interim

    9 March 2021

    , SFMOMA’s online journal, asked Envelope founder Douglas Burnham to share lessons learned over a decade of cultivating culturally rooted public space at PROXY and other San Francisco sites.

    Guest editor Robin Abad Ocubillo frames the issue in his introduction: “Through in-depth conversations and place-specific portraits, local, national, and international figures explore the promise and problematics of ‘participatory urbanism’ and public space, asking who participates — and how — in constructing urban places.”

    Douglas's essay,

    in dialogue with contributions from Jeffrey Hou, Roberto Bedoya + Tom DeCaigny, Shin-pei Tsay, Tamika L. Butler + Justin Garrett Moore, Jia-Ping Lee, and Janet Delaney compose a timely exchange. We were honored to be included.