Domaine Chandon - Tasting Room - Yountville, CA 2007 Hospitality Completed

Domaine Chandon, one of California’s premier sparkling wine producers, wanted a redesigned tasting room that enhances and extends its brand through an environment and experience that resonates with its customers.  Through the redesign, Chandon sought to attract and extend its aspriational brand identity to its sophisticated urban customer base.

Panoramic views of the cultivated and natural Napa Valley landscape are a defining element of the tasting room, where the kinked and faceted bar sidles up to a continuous band of sliding doors.  The vertically laminated glass barface references the importance of glass in the storage and presentation of sparkling wine.  The green of the glass and the green of the surrounding grounds engage and flatten the interior perspective, intensifying the connection between the tasting room and its wider natural context.  Inside, a lounge-like setting rendered in refined materials, simply detailed, reflects the vintner’s dedication to traditional craft while establishing a decidedly modern tone.

Images 1-4 © Cesar Rubio
Images 5-8 © Doug Adesko

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